Book Details

Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point 
By Barbara Howell 
Softcover, 160 pgs,
Color Photos Throughout

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Meet Barbara

Splinters is the incredible true-story of Barbara Howell. An abandoned woman who faced her fears, endured her pain and overcame daunting obstacles to become successful in a man’s profession. This lady didn’t set out to prove anything. Her only goal was to pay her debts and survive.

Despite personal tragedies, professional mishaps, and overwhelming odds she became a success.  The back-breaking labor of handling raw lumber didn’t stop her.  Pushing and pulling heavy machinery didn’t stop her. Being incapable of driving a 58 foot rig all over the United States loaded with hardwood display cases, didn’t stop her.  She kept on trucking.

She, along with her daughter and two granddaughters, birthed Southern Ladies Showcases by sweat, guts and tears. This successful business takes its rightful place in what was once, strictly a man’s profession.

Southern Ladies Showcases proudly has products in homes, businesses and museums across America and around the world.  Barbara’s commitment to succeed, her courage and undefeated attitude will be an inspiration as you read this story of struggle and ultimate victory.


New York, NY (September 7, 2010) - Graphic Design USA, one of the leading magazines in the US for graphic designers and Creative Professionals has just released the winners for their 2010 American Graphic Design Awards.

Cabinet Maker +FDM Magazine headquartered in the North East, United States, released a review of Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point in their September 2009 issue. The magazine is targeted towards cabinet makers and others in the woodworking industry.

Naturally, reviewing Splinters was a perfect fit for the publication. The entire magazine is available here. Or you can read the review written by Editor-in-Chief, William Sampson, below:

Woman relates tale of challenges and determination successfully taking over her husband's woodworking business.

All of us, especially now, encounter daily obstacles in our business and personal lives. But I'm guessing few of us have run up against the challenges faced by Barbara Howell. She overcame repeated financial, physical and personal setbacks to successfully develop a small woodoworking manufacturing business building mostly custom display boxes, even though at the start she knew nothing about woodworking or business.


Barbara Howell's book, will be one of the featured books in an upcoming release from Harper Collins Publishing, "The NEW Big Book of Layouts" scheduled to hit stores in May of 2010.

"Splinters" was selected based on the cover design and interior layout design of the 160 pg, full color book that has pictures weaving throughout the layout—making it more reader friendly and setting the bar for designers everywhere.   

The book boasts great layouts are the beginning of all effective visual communication. This 384 page book will showcase only the best layouts in a variety of disciplines, including publication design (books and magazines) to print design (menus, brochures, posters) and more.

"The NEW Big Book of Layouts" is the second installment in the "Layouts" series. The original Big Book of Layouts came out in 2006, and then in paperback in 2009. This sequel will hit stores in May 2010, will be available everywhere books are sold in the United States and in 20 countries world wide.

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